Motu 4pre

Motu 4pre Review

The Motu 4pre is perfect for every musician; either you are an amateur or a professional. This compact audio interface features four jack inputs, where you can plug in guitars, keyboards, or microphones. This definitely presents flexibility in all combo styles, as you can record vocals with guitar at the same time or do lead vocals and record it simultaneously with the background sound.

With all its powerful features, you can be ready for anything that your music situation calls for.

Here is the Motu 4pre price.

Motu 4pre Features Four Jack Inputs
The four jack inputs in this device is not only for mic, but can also be used for other instruments. You can plug in synth or a keyboard in inputs that take line level signals. And use the inputs with hi-Z DI inputs for connecting in electric guitars.
This provides you endless flexibility with your music.

Simple Mixing With Motu 4pre
Motu 4pre lets you quickly and easily control and balance the levels of all the instruments right at its front panel.  All jack inputs have their own volume control and can be directly routed to mix in with any output.

Motu 4pre Presents Powerful And Universal Connectivity
This device is compatible with your Mac or Windows computer through FireWire or high speed USB 2.0. The Fire Wire also acts as power supply to the device, relying on the battery power of your computer. The high speed USB 2.0 provides huge bandwidth (at even 96kHz) that lets you record and play channels simultaneously.

Motu 4pre Is Built To Last
Made with aluminium alloy chassis, this device is light weight but is very sturdy and durable. This device can definitely keep up with the demanding needs of every musician, may it be on tour, stage, or studio.

It is also very compact (8.5x7x1.75 inches) which makes it very suitable for travel. You can easily slip it on your backpack for ultimate easy transport.

Customer Reviews On Motu 4pre
Motu 4pre is fairly new in the market, but buyers are already leaving great feedback in reviews sites like Users love the light weightiness of the device, making it very convenient to bring around everywhere. They also like the fact that mixing is very simple.
In general, users are well satisfied with this device.

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